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A Wonderful Jewish Wedding in Rome Synagogue on the Jewish Culture Day in Italy

Thanks to wonderful pictures by AJN – Luca Rajna Progetti Fotografici, today I’m pleased to tell you about another wonderful Jewish wedding in Rome.

Our bride and groom choose the 5th of September for their wedding date: this is the Jewish Culture Day in Italy. No better day could have been chosen for such a wonderful event!
Do you remember about Liora and David’s wedding? We are back to tell you another wonderful story for another stunning Jewish wedding in Rome.

Legal Civil Ceremony at Odescalchi Castle in Santa Marinella

We already told you about many weddings we plan at Odescalchi Castle in Santa Marinella just few km from Rome.

Today we are here to tell you about a great news! From this month April 2014 – you can plan a legal civil ceremony in the grounds of the Castle!
Isn’t it a great news. We are happy to share it with you!

A Country Shabby and Chic Wedding in Roman Countryside

We are back to tell you about an Italian couple this time, Cristina and Luigi. They are both from Rome and after many researches they chose a wonderful Roman Country Villa for their special summer wedding.

Living in Rome could be a luck, the city is so amazing and there are many venues to choose in the city… but if you are looking for something different Roman Countryside could be a wonderful and original destination.

Shea and Elaine… a romantic and secret engagement

This post will be unusual, read it till the end and I’ll show you that a wedding planner is not just castles, flowers and unicorns (although nobody still asked me for unicorns yet, but I bet it’ll happen soon! I feel it, I know it).

Some time ago I received an odd request: Organise a scavenger hunt for a young guy to surprise an unaware young gal and ask her hand in marriage: curious, funny daring.
All started tricking her into coming to Rome, she was totally unaware that he was there too, manoeuvring the strings of this set up, this lovely and sweet booby trap, where the only devastating explosion would be their love.

A Dolce Vita Wedding in Rome

Dolce Vita. When you hear this, you can’t not think to Fellini’s movie, depicting the life, joys and loves of the postwar years in Italy, especially in Via Veneto area of Rome.

But almost nobody knows that the core of the party life in the 50s and 60s was actually in ancient Via Appia area, where VIP of that time, mostly politicians and actors bought and built fabulous houses surrounded by flamboyant parks.