Shea and Elaine… a romantic and secret engagement


This post will be unusual, read it till the end and I’ll show you that a wedding planner is not just castles, flowers and unicorns (although nobody still asked me for unicorns yet, but I bet it’ll happen soon! I feel it, I know it).

Some time ago I received an odd request: Organise a scavenger hunt for a young guy to surprise an unaware young gal and ask her hand in marriage: curious, funny daring.
All started tricking her into coming to Rome, she was totally unaware that he was there too, manoeuvring the strings of this set up, this lovely and sweet booby trap, where the only devastating explosion would be their love.

Ok let’s cut the tittle-tattle. Once in Rome she went in a hotel where she found a box with some envelopes, a red scarf and the order to open them chronologically.  First of these mysterious notes led her to Spanish Steps, where she opened the second envelope, and so on…

After this itinerary she came back to the original hotel where she found the last envelope containing a message telling her to be ready at 20pm and in wonderful gown because she’d be lead to the Hilton Hotel. And so it was.
At Hilton I was there at the door, waiting for her with a red roses nosegay. She got off the car and I led her to the magnificent Imperial Room, a wonderful suite with a stunning view over Rome, decorated with tulle, candles and red flowers.

As soon as she stepped into the room a singer started to sing with a wonderful and charming voice, and he was there….proposing her. What she answered? I’ll tell you soon but first let me tell you something really odd!
She was chased by a cameraman that filmed every step she made… but she had no hint of his presence, even when she entered the room and he proposed her!!!
Between a canapé and a glass of sparkling wine our trusted wedding photojournalist took pictures of every moment.
So…  what she answered?
Well they decided to get marry in Rome, so this is our cute little cliff hanger.
To be continued…

romantic_engagement_in_Rome-01 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-02 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-03

romantic_engagement_in_Rome-04 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-05 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-06 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-07

romantic_engagement_in_Rome-09 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-10 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-11 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-12 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-13 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-14romantic_engagement_in_Rome-15 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-16 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-17 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-18 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-19

romantic_engagement_in_Rome-20 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-21 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-22 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-23 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-24

romantic_engagement_in_Rome-25 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-26 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-27 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-28 romantic_engagement_in_Rome-29

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