From Holland “to Rome with love”, an italian style wedding in Rome


We’re lucky. Yes, we, the Italians, are lucky, somehow, you can’t deny it.

First you can be sure that every day at least one person is playing mandolin, then you can be sure that there are not meatballs on the Bolognese, finally I swear and sign with my blood that winter is short and you can have a warm and sunny day, a perfect day for getting marry, even in September, and there no need to summon the disco magic powers of Earth Wind and Fire.

Bo and Aukje, two young guys from Holland, were very clever, they knew everything: about September, life, the universe and everything. That’s why they call me, and asked me to organize their wedding in September, and they wanted an Italian job: clean, simple, classy. A job for me, you’re favorite wedding planner.

The first night they had a rehearsal dinner in a pizza parlor (even if we prefer to call it pizzeria, please modify you dictionary, thank you) with a guitar player playing around the table.
The next day they celebrated the wedding in San Giorgio al Velabro, a basilica built in 9th century and that stand in a sort of middle age hamlet near Circo Massimo, and in a city like Rome, stripped down of everything medieval by the renaissance popes, it is something very rare to find.
The groom arrived at the church in a very white Italian Vespa scooter, and the friend followed him with multicolored Vespas, they also brought a famous Dutch singer to sing at the celebration.

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After the ritual photographic tour around Rome, they all moved to Villa dei Quintili.
The Villa is one of the most famous house of Rome and one of the most beautiful, it was built in the middle of the Appia Antica archeological area, a beautiful area all around the ancient Appia street, a must to visit for every history enthusiast, the villa itself is posh, elegant, with a huge garden and a beautiful fountain, everything is in Spanish style, the interiors are opulent and very “roman” with marbles and busts. An ideal place to turn your celebration into a movie.

21_from-Holland-italian-style-wedding-in-Rome 22_from-Holland-italian-style-wedding-in-Rome 23_from-Holland-italian-style-wedding-in-Rome 24_from-Holland-italian-style-wedding-in-Rome 25_from-Holland-italian-style-wedding-in-Rome 26_from-Holland-italian-style-wedding-in-Rome 27_from-Holland-italian-style-wedding-in-Rome
The dinner decoration were very simply, with long tables, flowers and a lot of candles, they eat roasted meat, cooked on the spot and served on silver trays, another unusual thing they chose is the Tiramisu as a wedding cake, with a central part bigger and ready for the cut and many small helpings, soon after they all moved to the cocktail bar where they danced till 3am.
Rome, Vespas, Tiramisu is there anything more Italian style than this?


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