A Dolce Vita Wedding in Rome


Dolce Vita. When you hear this, you can’t not think to Fellini’s movie, depicting the life, joys and loves of the postwar years in Italy, especially in Via Veneto area of Rome.

But almost nobody knows that the core of the party life in the 50s and 60s was actually in ancient Via Appia area, where VIP of that time, mostly politicians and actors bought and built fabulous houses surrounded by flamboyant parks.

Villa dei Quintili is one of those villas and is widely acknowledged as the most wonderful house in Rome, everyone wants to do something here, movies, parties, congresses and of course weddings.






Villa dei Quintili is inside an actual archeological area, Appia Antica, some sections are the very same that 2300 ys ago were well trodden by ancient Romans, it was considered the Queen of the Streets, and even at that time was studded with noble “insulaes” (the ancient romans villas). Those ancient romans remains are still visible today, this makes it an invaluable Italian heritage. For this reason it is obviously forbidden to drive cars on it, but Villa dei Quintili has a special community permission to let the guests of the events, freely drive on a small section just to enter the villa.






The place itself is posh, the management is irreproachable and the garden is huge and rich with a beautiful fountain, the architecture is inspired by Spanish style, the interiors are opulent and imperial oriented, with marbles and busts; it can hosts any kind of reception from few business men to a maximum of 300 people inside and up to 1200 guests outside in the park.
If you want to turn your wedding reception into a living movie you can’t miss this utterly remarkable place.



For any information about wedding at Villa dei Quintili please contact Italian Rome Wedding team.

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