A beautiful marriage in a country house just in the heart of the eternal city


Marzio and Laura chose to celebrate their marriage in San Giorgio in Velabro romantic church, just in the heart of Rome.

The church is located in a secluded area worth getting to know, two steps from the Tiber river.
Place is magic, it is away from the crowded tourist routes is underscored by the presence of the ancient Argetari arc adjacent to the church itself.
Legend says that one special day a lucky couple will pass through and from the arch will fall a shower of coins from a treasure hidden here by the Brotherhood Argentariorum.
The gift will be reserved only to married couples.

wedding to San Giorgio in Velabro Rome
marriage to San Giorgio in Velabro Rome
wedding planner to San Giorgio in Velabro Rome

Today it is not possible to pass through the arc anymore, but in the past, the married couple used to do it after the launch of rice in sign of good luck.
No one has yet received the miracle golden rain but the real treasure can be considered to have found your soul mate.

Mouth of Truth, temple of Hercules, fountain of Tritons, Colosseum has been the perfect setting for romantic wedding photos after the ceremony.

For their reception they have chosen an ancient 1800 villa, located in the center of Rome a few minutes from St. Peter and Villa Doria Pamphili.
An Italian garden, jealously preserved, with its box hedges and secular pine trees, that give this place a romantic atmosphere of times gone by.

wedding planners in Villa Doria Pamphili Rome
wedding planners in Rome

An ideal scenario for an unforgettable wedding party. This ancient family villa still retains the warm and hospitable air that you always breathe in this place.
Its three-hectare park is really ideal for wedding parties thanks to a marquee of 200 square meters, thermo-heated and lit by chandeliers that can accommodate up to one hundred and seventy seated guests .
The wonderful area around the pool is really appealing for cocktails and dinners. Lounges on the ground floor of the Villa, are always available to guests during the reception.
First floor has three elegant rooms, detailed furnished. They all reflect the lifestyle of ancient country houses and can accommodate the couple for a romantic wedding night.
Garden area is highlighted by an elegant fountain. It could be the romantic setting to celebrate the open air symbolic blessing. Just a dream!

open air wedding reception venue in Rome
outdoor wedding reception in Rome

This venue combines the pleasant combination country living in a villa which is just in the center of Rome, to the opportunity to easily visit the Eternal City.
Its location is extremely appealing for those who want to easily reach the historic center for amazing wedding photos side of some of the most famous monuments in the world!

We can surely say that this could be a perfect place for your [tooltip text=”For more information about wedding in Rome CONTACT the Italian Rome Wedding planners team”]italian marriage in just in the heart of the Dolce Vita[/tooltip]… let your dreams come true!

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  • Eoghan Donegan
    September 22, 2013

    My fiancé and I are interested in a Rome wedding for May 2014 and reception in the beautiful villa country house here on your websit. We would anticipate 46 guests and would like to discuss the cost and what is on offer from your company.
    Sincere regards,
    Eoghan Donegan…

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