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Lovely garden style at the Odescalchi castle

Icicles, hockey and Celine Dion? Come on… really???
Is this really what pop up into your mind when you think of Canada?

What if I tell you pristine flora and fauna? What if I talk to you about stunning views? What if I tell you… love.
Because now that I met Jelena and Konrad I’ll always link Canada to “love”, because that cute and lovely couple were its harbingers.

A beautiful marriage in a country house just in the heart of the eternal city

Marzio and Laura chose to celebrate their marriage in San Giorgio in Velabro romantic church, just in the heart of Rome.

The church is located in a secluded area worth getting to know, two steps from the Tiber river.
Place is magic, it is away from the crowded tourist routes is underscored by the presence of the ancient Argetari arc adjacent to the church itself.
Legend says that one special day a lucky couple will pass through and from the arch will fall a shower of coins from a treasure hidden here by the Brotherhood Argentariorum.
The gift will be reserved only to married couples.