Lovely garden style at the Odescalchi castle


Icicles, hockey and Celine Dion? Come on… really???
Is this really what pop up into your mind when you think of Canada?

What if I tell you pristine flora and fauna? What if I talk to you about stunning views? What if I tell you… love.
Because now that I met Jelena and Konrad I’ll always link Canada to “love”, because that cute and lovely couple were its harbingers.


They were up for a cute little wedding for just around 40 guests.You may think that a castle would be a bit too big for such a small number, but it is not true as it is a warm family home and spaces can be adapted to big or small parties.
Anyway Jelena and Konrad never had the occasion to visit the Santa Marinella castle, but it was love at first sight, the ideal place to crown their love, and from the first very moment they gazed at the castle I knew I was right.

01_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding 02_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding 03_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding

This umpteenth Odescalchi Family Castle was built facing the sea, over the ruins and the site of an ancient Etruscan town, Punicum (we are talking of more than 2800 years ago), the place was conceived as a guard post against Moorish invaders, these posts were lined all along the coasts of southern and middle Italy, so that every 20 or 30 kilometers you can spot a tower or a castle.
In this case you have a central tower and a manor built all around, it’s something very typical, very ancient and, most of all, very striking. So charming that nowadays it cannot be overlook as place to celebrate a wedding.

04_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding 05_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding 06_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding 07_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding 08_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding 09_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding

They had a symbolic ceremony with a lovely view over the small port and the sea,  as only this castle can offer. Jelena wanted to have an Italian garden style staging, with Mediterranean colors and a color palette based on pink, green all mixed with some lemons as well; for the dinner location they chose the castle terrace, below a terrific natural ceiling made of stars and a gleaming moon.

10_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding 11_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding 12_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding

The table set up was a mixture of bright colors pink and yellow roses, purple lysianthus together with yellow lemons and a bottle of Limoncello liquor as a favor for each guest,  a real mediterranean style.

They also chose a further especially romantic decoration for the wedding cake all accompanied by a confetti and pure chocolate tasting.

13_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding 14_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding 15_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding 16_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding 17_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding 18_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding 19_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding 20_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding 21_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding 22_Santa-Marinella-Odescalchi-castle-wedding

Jelena and Konrad saw their love dream realized and, as a Wedding Planner I was once again extremely satisfied because I’m sure I put the right scenery to something they’ll never forget, and with these harsh times we’re facing, you know, to have a recollection of a day full of love, style, beloved family and friends all framed by this enchanted castle with its softly murmuring sea, well… is worthless.

  • Sarene Aherne
    May 15, 2013

    Hi there, I’m thinking of getting married in Rome next year and was wondering how much it would cost per head roughly in the Odescalchi Family Castle ? Could we get a band there also ? Thanks, Sarene

    • Stefania
      May 16, 2013

      Dear Serene,

      thank you so much for your request.

      I kindly ask you to write me your e-mail and I will be pleased to send you information and rates of the castle.

      Otherwise you can write me on my e-mail : [email protected]

      Hope to hearing from you soon.


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