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Legal Civil Ceremony at Odescalchi Castle in Santa Marinella

We already told you about many weddings we plan at Odescalchi Castle in Santa Marinella just few km from Rome.

Today we are here to tell you about a great news! From this month April 2014 – you can plan a legal civil ceremony in the grounds of the Castle!
Isn’t it a great news. We are happy to share it with you!

Lovely garden style at the Odescalchi castle

Icicles, hockey and Celine Dion? Come on… really???
Is this really what pop up into your mind when you think of Canada?

What if I tell you pristine flora and fauna? What if I talk to you about stunning views? What if I tell you… love.
Because now that I met Jelena and Konrad I’ll always link Canada to “love”, because that cute and lovely couple were its harbingers.

The Odescalchi Castle in Santa Marinella for your dreamy seaside wedding

Castles offer the ultimate in romance, with unrivalled locations and a unique story to tell.

They are steeped in history and often surrounded by beautiful grounds. What better way to enhance the most special day of your life than to give in to your childhood dreams of a true fairytale wedding in an authentic and enchanting ancient castle! The experience will not only be unforgettable for the bride and groom, but will also ensure that all who attend will always remember a truly magical day.

A wedding on the rocks of Ulisse riviera

The venue that I wish to propose you today is a real ”mind farm” a temple of the soul where nature has no limits.

The villa is located Inside Circeo’s National Park between Rome and Naples, which has been described as: “A promontory, an island, over 20 miles of dunes overlooking the sea, four coastal lakes, over 3000 hectares of forest, hundreds of plant and animal species, the historic villages of Sabaudia and San Felice, wonders such as the Villa of Domitiano and the village of Fogliano. Here the man lives since prehistoric times and has been able to maintain a balance between his presence and the surroundings.”

How about a wedding on the fascinating Ponza island?

This time we would like to tell you about a dreamy wedding in the little Ponza island, and we would like to thank the talented video maker Fulvio Greco who greatly filmed this special day.

Let’s say first of all that Ponza is a pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea,it is the largest island of the pontine archipelago and fascinates its visitors because of its shores of tuffaceous rocks, coves and creeks that plunge vertically into blue waters.