How about a wedding on the fascinating Ponza island?


This time we would like to tell you about a dreamy wedding in the little Ponza island, and we would like to thank the talented video maker Fulvio Greco who greatly filmed this special day.

Let’s say first of all that Ponza is a pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea,it is the largest island of the pontine archipelago and fascinates its visitors because of its shores of tuffaceous rocks, coves and creeks that plunge vertically into blue waters.

Imagining a wedding in Ponza immediately calls to your mind the vividness of the colors, the sun’s energy, the flavors of the culinary tradition of the mediterranean islands.

Reaching this paradise is very simple, you can get there in just 70 minutes by hydrofoil from Anzio, a few kilometers from Rome south of Rome.

wedding in Ponza Island

From the port of Ponza, crowded in every season from fishing boats and pleasure crafts , start the two main cobbled roads that climb winding between stairs and alleys.

The architecture of the island is characterized by traditional fishermen’s houses with the typical pastel colors.

wedding in Ponza

For those wishing to celebrate their wedding in this gorgeous seaside village, just a step away from the harbor, stands the Church of St. Trinity of Ponza.
The church was built with stones taken from the caves of the island itself and has beautiful frescoed walls inspired by the paintings of the Sistine Chapel.

After the ceremony how about some pictures on the beach of Lucia Rosa with its breathtaking sunsets and the unforgettable views of the sea and of the surroundings islands?

wedding planners on Ponza Island

The typical italian restaurants, most of them with beautiful terraces over the sea, are so romantic venues for the wedding party.
Here you can enjoy local delicacies accompanied by our delicious wine with the background of the harbor twinkling with lights.

beach wedding on Ponza Island Italy

A wedding in Ponza, this special spot of our mediterranean coast is the perfect way to share the most important day of your life together with a romantic italian holiday with your loved ones.
Thank again to Fulvio Greco for the video he provided, just beautiful!

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  • Carmen Pascuzzi
    October 13, 2017


    I’m planning on getting married June 2018. Just wondering if you can send me what you offer or how u go about this to help organise?

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