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How about a wedding on the fascinating Ponza island?

This time we would like to tell you about a dreamy wedding in the little Ponza island, and we would like to thank the talented video maker Fulvio Greco who greatly filmed this special day.

Let’s say first of all that Ponza is a pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea,it is the largest island of the pontine archipelago and fascinates its visitors because of its shores of tuffaceous rocks, coves and creeks that plunge vertically into blue waters.

Elegant wedding by the sea at Santa Marinella castle

I’m so happy to tell you about Federica and Andy as working with them has given me the chance to know a new friend, Federica and to know all her family.

A sincere pleasure for me.
Federica and Andy are a mixed couple, she is from Rome but she lives in London and Andy is English.
They have decided to get married in Italy as for Federica was a way to come back home and to share this special moment with her relatives as soon as she lives so far away and for Andy was a way to show all the beauties of Italy to his family and friends and it’s also been an occasion to have a little vacation.