Lazio region countryside is a wide and unknown territory. It is far from massive tourism but we are sure you could find the perfect setting for your Italian wedding over here.

In the northern area there is Lazio Maremma, an ideal extension of Tuscany and Umbria regions which are just close by. This is a region of lush grasslands, vineyards and olive groves just a dream!
Your wedding ceremony can be held in one of the many tiny churches in pretty town halls or even outdoors on the beautiful lawns, surrounded by olive trees and cypresses.

This area is called Tuscia, it is the land where ancient etruscans came from. It goes from outside Rome, up to Tuscany.

Here you will find lovely mansions and villas for your chic countryside wedding.

Or you could also opt for a pretty farmhouse where you could arrange a laid down event by olive groves with a lovely candle lit dinner by a swimming pool and a ancient house made of stones.
Viterbo, is the biggest town and is also know as the town of the Popes’.

During the Middle Ages, the papacy moved here to escape disorder in the Eternal City.
Today Viterbo is a lovely city to visit with its Palazzo dei Priori, Sant’Angelo church and pope Palace.

All around Viterbo you will meet a lovely countryside that could be the perfect set for a country wedding staying close to big city of Rome, less than an hour drive.

Franco Zeffirelli’s Taming of the Shrew and Romeo and Juliet movies, will give you the perfect portrait of this area.
Little town of Tuscania and Tarquinia are also two amazing and perfectly maintened towns full of Italian carachter.

Town of Tarquinia is a grate etruscan metropolis. The tombs themselves have wall paintings dating from the seventh and eighth centuries BC.

If you wish to have a pretty country wedding, this area offers gorgeous country houses overlooking Tiber’s valley, you will taste marvellous cuisine, taste truffles, mushrooms, excellent goat cheese and delicious olive oil to accompany traditional dishes of Sabine hills.
We are sure you will not be disappointed.