A wedding on the rocks of Ulisse riviera


The venue that I wish to propose you today is a real ”mind farm” a temple of the soul where nature has no limits.

The villa is located Inside Circeo’s National Park between Rome and Naples, which has been described as: “A promontory, an island, over 20 miles of dunes overlooking the sea, four coastal lakes, over 3000 hectares of forest, hundreds of plant and animal species, the historic villages of Sabaudia and San Felice, wonders such as the Villa of Domitiano and the village of Fogliano. Here the man lives since prehistoric times and has been able to maintain a balance between his presence and the surroundings.”

San Felice Circeo weddings

What makes this villa so incredibly special? Apart from being the meeting point of the legendary Ulysses and Circe thousands of years ago, it is surrounded by extreme beauty.. the incredible ocean views framed by magnificent bougainvilleas… the irresistible natural pools of the ocean (not to be missed)……the sound of waves crashing at your feet… The property is quaint, only a few rooms, secluded and very private – the perfect getaway. It has a lovely rustic feel to it and simply blends in with its beautiful surroundings.

The town of San Felice Circeo is simply charming with its cobblestone road. A walk back in time. Here you’ll have the unique chance to organize a civil wedding in the open air overlooking the sea. Town hall has a stunning sea view terrace. Immacolata Church might be perfect for your catholic wedding.


Beyond the entrance, a first terrace offers a breathtaking view over the Pontine Islands, then over the patio and a second terrace you will face garden of 5000 sqm slopes towards the sea and the natural pools below.
This is the perfect place to organize your aperitif and later on a dreamy seated reception, with such a stunning landscape to admire.
This special venue could be the perfect place to spend your honeymoon.
Charm of the villa is enhanced by the natural beauty of the environment in which it is inserted. On one side, protected area of National Park with its natural flora and wildlife, on the other a beautiful botanical garden where scenic layout and the variety of plants is only for visitors. Mediterrenean “Macchia”, rosemary and oaks with all the varieties of aloe in a fascinating mix of colors.
In the park, as well as foxes and razorbacks , birdwatchers can observe numerous species including the peregrine falcon and the cormorant.


From the villa, across the garden, down the cliffs heading the sea, the reef is surrounded by the “Batteria Moresca” (a napoleonic defensive contruction)  and Alabaster Cave, Its precious alabaster has been extracted and used to decorate several ambiences of Sistine Chapel. On these rocks reserved for guests of the structure, are gained spaces equipped with comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas.

Sea has a comfortable and safe harbor, feeds many natural pools with convenient access, suitable for easy canoe trips to the many sea caves.

You will not want to leave the property especially if you enjoy snorkeling, swimming, cave exploration and sunning….it really is the perfect spot to park yourself and just soak it all in. 

At night, there are millions of stars out!
A serene energy that will make your staying a romantic Italian dream by the sea.

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