A fun Shabby & Chic wedding in a Castle overlooking Roman sea


When we meet a fun couple like Lene and Petter, it is always pleasure working for them to plan a successful and happy wedding.
Lene and Petter come from Norway and they choose Rome for their fun wedding… they simply loved the atmosphere you can breath here.



Santa Marinella Village for your Wedding

For sure everybody knows Rome. A magic city. But it has a lot to offer in its surroundings: wonderful unexplored country side, natural lakes and amazing sea side.
It is just here that Lene and Petter decided to get married choosing a wonderful castle overlooking stunning Tyrrhenian sea.


We are in Santa Marinella a sweet sea side village with beaches and a fresh scent of sea all around. In Santa Marinella there is a stunning castle. It is located just in the centre of the village in a perfect position to be admired!
Moreover Santa Marinella village is really handy for everyone. In the village there are many hotels for your guests for all budgets. They could be reached just few steps one from the other and walking distance from the castle. No transfers are needed… so comfortable for everyone! This is paradise!


Lene and Petter were fascinated by the charm of the castle and Santa Marinella village and they chose it for their wedding in Italy in no time!

Ceremony and Reception overlooking Tyrrhenian Sea close to Rome

Before the actual wedding day Lene and Petter decide to hold their legal civil ceremony at Norway embassy in Rome. Just the two of them with witnesses, very intimate.
For the big ceremony and reception they opted for Santa Marinella Castle… and they put together a great party!!


Symbolic ceremony was held in the courtyard of the castle at the very entrance of the Castle.
A wonderful shabby and chic atmosphere for them. Lene opted for pastel colours in the shades of pink and ivory. Shabby white lantern were scattered all over. What a magic romantic atmosphere.




Petter on his side planned his great arrival… he arrived with his best men with black sunglasses on the notes of 007 James Bond movie theme.
So fun!




A professional English speaking celebrant performed a romantic but fun symbolic ceremony tailored on the tastes of our wonderful couple.



For the aperitif group moved on panoramic terrace called La Batteria (in English. Gun Battery)
The name comes from the real use of the area. It was just were soldier use to put their weapons to defend the castle. You can just imagine the view here… soldiers needed to have a great visual to defend the property! Nowadays we can enjoy it for a wonderful and tasteful aperitif! You will love it!



For the dinner group moved under the marquee.
Lene wanted more shabby and chic decorations for their reception.
She opted for charming centrepieces made up with lovely mercury glass vases and roses pastel shades of pink. Isn’t it so romantic and shabby and chic?
To complete the frame and the fun atmosphere of the party Lene and Petter added some disposable cameras on the tables so that every guest could take a special and fin picture of the party.
It is a nice fun idea to involve all guests and to create a different wedding album after the wedding….of course side of the official one by official photographer!






Talking about the official photographer here you can admire wonderful shots taken by Alessandro Zingone photographer. He had a great eye to catch every detail of such a fun day!

A party up to late at night in Santa Marinella

Outside the marquee there is a lower terrace overlooking the little port of Santa Marinella.
At night the view is just breathtaking. All lights of the coast and the boats will surprise you!
it is just here where Lene and Petter cut their shabby and chic wedding cake!
It was a beautiful tiered cake decorated again with pale pink flowers… everybody loved it!






And then? Party can really start….Lot of dances and fun for everybody up to 2.30am!
Not enough? More party after the reception?
Easy! In Santa Marinella there is a fun pub where you can go on partying with music and drinks up to early in the morning… and then reaching hotels by foot.
This is what Lene and Petter chose for their late party….you can imagine why it was a fun event everybody will never forget!



Santa Marinella is all this. A cosy village with many hotels, a wonderful castle with a great view over the sea. Rome is just few kilometers away, beaches and sea activities are at your disposal and the possibility to have a great party up to very late. What are you waiting for? Come and discover this hidden beauty close to Rome! We are waiting for you!

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