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From Holland “to Rome with love”, an italian style wedding in Rome

We’re lucky. Yes, we, the Italians, are lucky, somehow, you can’t deny it.

First you can be sure that every day at least one person is playing mandolin, then you can be sure that there are not meatballs on the Bolognese, finally I swear and sign with my blood that winter is short and you can have a warm and sunny day, a perfect day for getting marry, even in September, and there no need to summon the disco magic powers of Earth Wind and Fire.

A luxury wedding reception in an open air museum… in the heart of Rome

The venue that I would like to suggest you today, is one of the most charming villas we have in the eternal city. Here everything is absolutely stunning, the landscape, the villa and its elegant interiors.

The environment is absolutely unique as the venue is located along the Ancient Appia road.

Carin and Jon, a purple & pink elegant wedding in Rome

Let’s introduce you the story of the marriage between Jon and Carin. This beautiful couple decided to get married in Rome following the strong desire to have their catholic wedding held in the city of Christianity.

They are both polish American and they have chosen as their church, Santo Spirito in Sassia, one of the most beautiful churches of the eternal city.