A luxury wedding reception in an open air museum… in the heart of Rome


The venue that I would like to suggest you today, is one of the most charming villas we have in the eternal city. Here everything is absolutely stunning, the landscape, the villa and its elegant interiors.

The environment is absolutely unique as the venue is located along the Ancient Appia road.



This road os the most important and ancient of the Roman roads (insignis, nobilis, famous queen viarum) and the symbol of grandeur of the Eternal City that on the basalt had engraved his mark of a growing dominance to the south and then, reached Brindisi port and crossed the Adriatic, to the Middle East.
Roman citizens of the highest class, chose to build their villas here.

Here there are the ruins of the Horatii and Curiazi, the protagonists of the Roman victory over Alba Longa and here the bloody Emperor Commodus decided to move, when he wanted to rest from the fatigue of ruling an empire.
Villa-Lidia-wedding-venue-in-RomeWalking along the road we find ourselves in front of an expanse of redbrick situated in the green countryside, it was the villa of the Quintilio brothers, who were united by such an affection that they decided to live together until death, surrounded by luxury, objets d’art and value, fine furnishings and endless fields in which to practice their passion for farm life.

Yesterday and today my eyes were lost in a green sweet landscape, furrowed slopes, streams, sudden divisions drawn by the eruption of a volcano in prehistoric ages.

The pleasure is all to pass in the middle of those precious ruins, when you can touch them sometimes and in the meanwhile enjoying the panorama that in 1909, the British archaeologist Thomas Ashby described as something sublime, something that “the more we admire the more we despair of being able to describe”.

The villa, as I was saying, is located in the heart of the Appia Antica and once you cross the gate, you will be welcomed by a large park with swimming pool, a romantic Italian-style portico and the street decorated with beautiful boxwood pyramids.
The ancient courtyard with central fountain is perfect for a welcome drink, while spacious lounges gorgeously decorated are the perfect setting for your gala dinner. All this makes the Villa ideal for receptions for your wedding day… just perfect!




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