Symbolic Ceremony overlooking St Peters Dome in Rome


Joanne and Mark are a lovely couple coming from US.
They had a lovely wedding in their country but they decided to renew their wows in occasion of their honeymoon in Rome.

What a great idea!
We were pleased to help them to make their dreams come true, they were so sweet and lovely.
Josanne’s dream was St. Peters Basilica. As they could not have a Roman Catholic wedding they really wanted to have a blessing overlooking it.


So we suggested them a wonderful terrace of a charming hotel in Rome.
Private area of the hotel terrace was reserved for them.
The hotel is located side of Vatican City just in front of St. Peter Basilica one of the most stunning terrace in Rome.


We tailored for them a special blessing, with a romantic ceremony of candles and romantic readings.
Josanne was really moved. Her dream could finally come true. No guests, just the two of them and St. Peters Basilica.
She was simply gorgeous in her lovely bridal dress and pretty little roses bouquet.


After the moving ceremony the lovely couple took the chance to have a wonderful walk in Rome.
Roman Forums, Coliseum and most of all Vatican City and its wonders …Josanne. It could not miss.
A special shot in St Peters Square.







Planning small and intimate weddings in Rome is always a pleasure for us.
Couples really dream about Rome and when they come here, we can really see joy in their eyes. It is so emotional and moving. We feel very lucky to be part of all this.

Thanks Josanne and Mark for choosing us for your special day in Rome

A very special thanks to Alessandro Zingone Photography for these great shots.

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  • Suzanne
    October 18, 2019

    Hi there,

    Would like to have a intimate symbolic ceremony, overlooking the Vatican. Would like photography and videography. Hair and make up. Small guest lists of 12-15. Please send us various packages. possible other Locations at public places or small private places.

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