Countryside weddings

A Country Shabby and Chic Wedding in Roman Countryside

We are back to tell you about an Italian couple this time, Cristina and Luigi. They are both from Rome and after many researches they chose a wonderful Roman Country Villa for their special summer wedding.

Living in Rome could be a luck, the city is so amazing and there are many venues to choose in the city… but if you are looking for something different Roman Countryside could be a wonderful and original destination.

A marriage out of time in the enchanted village above the clouds

Today we will describe you the striking wedding that the one Nicole and Morgan had in the north of Lazio, the region with Rome.

All the area is very Etruscan, as this was their nation since the dawn of Rome, and almost every ancient town is built over ancient Etruscan foundations, tuff is still used everywhere.
The wedding itself was celebrated at Palazzo Monaldeschi, at Lubriano, from where you can enjoy a stunning view: woods, Mediterranean scrubs and the local canyon-like valley called Valle dei Calanchi, an eerie and out of place kind of small Mexican desert.

Roman countryside, a perfect setting for Elena and Danilo’s wedding

Castel Sant’Elia is a romantic medieval village just few kilometers from Rome. Famous ancient Roman Road Cassia and Flaminia, encircle this old land, through Suppentonia valley.

Surrounded by a domineering nature, dotted with rocks and bumps, this place keeps mysteries and many historical memories blended together, like almost all location around Rome. This is the real appeal of this wonderful region!
Back in Etruscan times, before ancient Romans, the valley was characterized by “Pagus”. They were small villages made up with houses dug into the rock and connected by small walkways.
Centuries later, during middle age, Pagus spread throughout the territory but today they are all are still visible in walls and watch towers.

The splendor of a wedding in Pope’s villa

Have you ever dreamt of a fairy tale wedding in an historical and charming villa overlooking one of the most romantic city in the world?

Well this is a dream that may come true here in Rome at the Castelli Romani area, 20 minutes from the center of Rome, where there are the ville Tuscolane; gorgeous examples of late Renaissance and Baroque buildings.
Those splendid villas were built by famous architects as Borromini, Carlo Maderno and Giacomo della Porta for bishops, popes and their families.

Country Chic Wedding

If you are thinking about a informal but elegant wedding on Lake Bracciano, just few minutes from eternal city of Rome this could be the perfect venue.

This was Justine and John’s choice.
They fell in love with the area just because for the charm of Roman appeal and atmosphere. However they wanted to keep a sort of country feeling to let enjoy the party also for their young children and about 15 young guests.
What’s better than Roman are where all is relaxed and just so quaint.
The villa they finally choose for their special event matched the elegance of a five stars hotel with a very Roman familiar atmosphere.