The splendor of a wedding in Pope’s villa


Have you ever dreamt of a fairy tale wedding in an historical and charming villa overlooking one of the most romantic city in the world?

Well this is a dream that may come true here in Rome at the Castelli Romani area, 20 minutes from the center of Rome, where there are the ville Tuscolane; gorgeous examples of late Renaissance and Baroque buildings.
Those splendid villas were built by famous architects as Borromini, Carlo Maderno and Giacomo della Porta for bishops, popes and their families.

Rooms completely filled with colored frescos that represent nature and classical myths, and beautiful Italian gardens with unique fountains that give you the chance to live stories and mysteries of the distinguished families who used to live there.
It will be not hard for you to imagine the many parties and feasts that took place and that showed the richness and their wealth of the owners… and it was not unusual at the time that prohibited love affairs took place in the gardens…….


The villas are surrounded by the beautiful Tuscolana countryside, amongst hills that are thick with woods, vineyards and olive trees that have been used, for centuries, to make excellent wine, oil and other delicacies for the noble families in Rome.

A wedding in one of those charming venues could also be the occasion to discover our territory. Your guests will have an embarrassing wealth of options among historical places to visit like the old abbey of san Nilo in Grottaferrata or the Barco Borghese a mysterious place, symbol of roman architecture or even the wine museum ( the area is famous for its wine, the “castelli romani” one) or experiences to make like tasting our wine, the Colli Lanuvini or Frascati doc are two examples or our famous little strawberries in Nemi, that you can taste on custard tarts in a small bar of a tiny village overlooking the stunning volcanic lake Nemi.

Not to mention the experience of a lunch in an old fraschetta ( typical inns) where you can taste a variety of products (sliced meats, cheese, wine, cakes etc.) and listen to the anecdotes of narrated by the innkeeper in person…..

Just a few hints to pique your curiosity and to show you that a wedding here could be an unforgettable moment for you and your guests and the perfect occasion to discover our culture, a good match between culture and fun.



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