A marriage out of time in the enchanted village above the clouds


Today we will describe you the striking wedding that the one Nicole and Morgan had in the north of Lazio, the region with Rome.

All the area is very Etruscan, as this was their nation since the dawn of Rome, and almost every ancient town is built over ancient Etruscan foundations, tuff is still used everywhere.
The wedding itself was celebrated at Palazzo Monaldeschi, at Lubriano, from where you can enjoy a stunning view: woods, Mediterranean scrubs and the local canyon-like valley called Valle dei Calanchi, an eerie and out of place kind of small Mexican desert.


Just in front of Lubriano, there is the dead city of Civita di Bagnoregio, and ancient and charming town, also built on Etruscan foundations, that has been abandoned because it’s difficult to reach by car and not least because of the slow erosion of the rock where it is build, nowadays only six nostalgic and romantic people live there, that’s why they call it Dying city… Yes, maybe dying but incredibly appealing.

After walking on a bed of petals, Nicole and Morgan got married in the small baroque church of Santa Maria del Poggio, this one is within walking distance from the palace, where they spent the night and got prepared and dressed.


Just after the ceremony, outside the church, a coach with two horses was ready to drive them to a very peculiar photo session around this charming town.

The palace itself is the most important baroque palace of the area, the interiors are delightfully decorated, with frescos, trompe l’oeils, classy furniture and statues that constantly remind us that we still are, though virtually, under the dominion of Rome.


The lush garden outside, mindful of the gorgeous gardens that surrounded all the baroque villas in Italy, hosted the cocktail, based on local delicacies, almost a dinner itself if it wasn’t for the “actual” dinner still full of gourmet dishes carefully washed by a mind-blowing selection of wines, something that relatives and guest are still immensely thankful.


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