A Romantic Love Story in Rome


The story that I wish to tell this time is not the description of a wedding day but it is the romantic story of a vows renewal of a 26 years of life together.

Helen and Santiago fell in love at a very young age and 26 years ago decided to get married. Because of their youth, the marriage was organized by their family and they celebrated it in the most classic style with all relatives and friends.
It has been the beginning of a life together, a life that brought Helen to became a nurse in New York and Santiago to join the army and move to Iraq.
Even if the distance usually keep them separated, their love grew stronger.
At the moment Helen is in New York leading her regular life with her job and growing their child, while Santiago is still in that war territory and goes back home once in a while.


In the occasion of their wedding anniversary, they decided to renew their vows in a place that they wanted to remember forever and that could make this special moment absolutely unique and personal.
This is why they decided for Rome the eternal city . They thought it was perfect to make that moment eternal.
The church they have chosen was San Sebastiano al Palatino, up on the Palatine hill, one of the sever hills of Rome, located inside the Roman Forum and reachable on foot walking along the Via Sacra. This is an original Roman cobble stone road that rounds the Roman Forum the view of the ancient heart of the city here, is stunning.


Helen was simply gorgeous, with her elegant bridal dress and a white bouquet with just some spots of red. The weather was incredibly warm and sunny that didn’t seem to be mid January…. it couldn’t have been better!
The sun was low and golden… just perfect.


Once arrived , ancient gate was opened onto the private garden ( perfect for a welcome drink with snacks after the ceremony) and revealed the beauty of this little jewel , church of San Sebastiano.
They first took some pictures just outside the church and then the ceremony started. It has been an intimate and very emotional moment even for us!
Ended the ceremony, a lot of pictures in the most beautiful corners of the city: Colosseo, Gianicolo, the orange garden and least but not last… Saint Peter’s basilica and then… an elegant dinner for just the two of them in a romantic restaurant ended that special day!


Just a dream for a romantic and long love story!

Their thank you are the best reward for us…….

Thank you so very much. As I said before, it was the most perfect day for us. One that we will never forget. You and your team made things so easy, it was magical. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
We are so sorry that we have not had the chance to respond to you sooner. We are still in Puerto Rico for a couple of more days. In a few days, my husband will be heading back to the Middle East and me, back to New York.

I would like, on behalf of myself and my husband to thank you so very much for your help on our renewal of our vows. It was the most perfect day that we both have ever had. Everything was perfect and the cake was absolutely delicious. We will never forget it. You made things perfect. Alessandro and the driver were so professional and, of course, the choice of the church was excellent. Stefania once again thank you.






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