Francesco and Cynthia dreamy wedding in Saint Peter’s cathedral


We would like to talk to you about Francesco and Cynthia’s wedding and first of all we would like to thank them as they have given us the unique opportunity to organize a wedding in Saint Peter’s cathedral, always a great joy for us.

Saint Peter’s cathedral as everybody know , is the most beautiful catholic church in the world, and it is so richly decorated that you really do not know where to watch as everything is so amazing.
Usually, wedding ceremonies, take place in the so called chorus chapel, famous for its unique golden organ, a masterpiece.
The ceremony has been very touchy for all of us but mostly for Cynthia and Francesco that were there to make this dream come true.
As soon as they have decided for such an elegant wedding, why not a castle as a place for the reception?

The perfect setting was a castle in the roman countryside, just few kilometers from Rome, which has also a tiny church in its property.
In the Italian garden, with the ancient fountain in the middle, we have organized the appetizers buffet, which was decorated with many red and white bouquets and candles, following the color theme Cynthia has chosen.

Later on, in the frescoed inner hall, the sit down candlelight dinner took place, it has been a traditional Italian dinner which has been appreciated by both the Italian and Canadian guests.
It’s been a gorgeous event and we have been very very pleased to work for such a sweet couple.







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  • Emma
    January 27, 2014

    Did you buy your Unity Candles in Rome? If so, where?

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