Belinda and Joel, just like Linda Christian and Tyron Power


If you will ever have the chance to go to Rome, one of the first thing you will love to visit for sure the Roman Forum.

This is the very heart of the eternal city and it is the place where you really breath the true atmosphere of ancient empire with all its richness and glory.
Belinda and Joel, are a lovely couple form Australia who decided for a romantic wedding ceremony in one of the most famous churches of the eternal city, Santa Francesca Romana right in the Roman Forum.

marriage in Rome

I’m sure many of you will remember that back in 1949, famous movie star Tyron Power decided to marry his second wife right here, in this stunning church.
The marriage was called at the time the marriage of the century as Tyron Power was a real idol all over the world.
You can imagine that hours before the wedding, thousands of people began to flock to the church and unable to enter, they formed a solid, screaming mass from the Colosseum to Piazza Venezia.
Dolce Vita times!

Let’s go back to Belinda and Joel; Belinda has Italian heritage and part of her family still lives here. For this reason she wanted reunite all the family right in the occasion of the marriage as half of it lives so far away.

She was absolutely gorgeous in her white dress all decorated with pearl and Swarowsky, very elegant. A simple white roses bouquet was absolutely perfect for the occasion as the dress was the most important part of her look.

wedding dress with decorated with pearl and Swarowsky

After the preparation, five minutes by car from her suite in Via Sistina, driving through Piazza Venezia and Via dei Fori imperiali and here she is in front of the church with its this magic setting, where Joel was waiting for her.

wedding in Santa Francesca Romana church Rome

Once the ceremony ended, few pictures with the family and then all together to the Colosseo for some stunning shots . It’s always fun there as a marriage is warmly welcomed by tourists, romans and also some original gladiators…

wedding at Colosseo Rome

After that Belinda and Joel followed Diego Taroni of Photo27 for a photo tour to St.Peter Church and Piazza del Popolo, while guests reached the restaurant located in a beautiful villa inside Villa Borghese with a stunning view of the city, where Prosecco and canapés were waiting for them.

wedding to Villa Borghese restaurant

Once Belinda and Joel arrived, dinner was served on the terrace facing San Pietro, delicious Italian food and wonderful music as background had been the perfect conclusion for a Dolce Vita style day… just like Tyron and Linda!

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