A fantastic Luxury and Romantic Wedding in Rome


There is nothing more romantic than Rome!
I’m pleased to tell you Paolo and Michelle’s wedding story! They both come from Philippines and they chose Rome for their incredibly romantic wedding.
I was pleased and happy to be part of such a wonderful event and I’m happy to share all fantastic details they chose with our readers!

Getting ready in a Relais Chateaux Hotel in Rome

Michelle and Paolo decided to get ready for their big day in one of the most beautiful hotel of Rome.
They opted for a Relais Chateaux Hotel with a fantastic view over Rome skyline and being very close to the symbol of Rome: Coliseum!
Michelle got ready in a wonderful room. Two mannequins “wore” Michelle’s dresses. Yes she had to bridal dresses! Just a dream for every bride isn’t it?
One was meant to be wore at the church for her Catholic ceremony and the second for the party in a fantastic villa overlooking Rome. Ceremony dress was designed by Veluz and the reception dress was a Vera Wang wonderful gown.
Before reaching the ceremony venue both bride and groom took the chance to take wonderful photos in the beating heart of Rome such a wonderful memory before the great moment!









Catholic Ceremony in Santa Maria in Transpontina in Rome

Michelle and Paolo invited about 150 guests to their Italian wedding in Rome and they were all waiting for the bride to arrive inside one of the most beautiful churches in Rome.
It is located in Via della Conciliazione close to Vatican City. It is was built back in 1600 and it is rich of breathtaking frescoes and gold plasters. Only in Rome you can find something like this!
Michelle wanted modern concept flowers decors for her Catholic ceremony created by a Philippines florist based in Italy who is specialised in luxury wedding decors.

Michelle arrived on a vintage white Bentley and doors of the church were closed at her arrival. As soon as she arrived at the main door of the church…it opened and a vision appeared! She was just stunning!
A Soprano singer accompanied by the sound of a dreamy harp accompanied a moving ceremony all guests will remember forever!







A Wedding photosession in Rome

After the ceremony I had the pleasure to suggest Michelle and Paolo to take some photos in Rome.
So they took a little walk in the traditional streets of Rome. Their skilled photographer was able to catch fantastic Italian scenarios that you can see in this post. A very special thanks to Pat Dy for these wonderful shots.




Michelle and Paolo’s wedding reception in a Villa overlooking Rome Skyline

We get back to one of my favorite villas in Rome. We already told you about this wonderful wedding venue in other posts on our blog. Michelle and Paolo couldn’t choose a better venue for a luxury wedding in Rome!
They reached the villa on the white Bentley and took the chance to have some more wedding photos in the gardens of the villa with a stunning view over Rome skyline and sunset.
Light in Rome could be simply amazing!




For the occasion Michelle got changed and wore her second dress so the party could begin.
A gourmand dinner was served in the garden of the villa where Michelle and Paolo’s florist designed a bridal logo all made with flowers… wonderful!
Dinner was served inside the rooms of the villa decorated with crystal candelabras and white flowers.
The party went on up to late at night with dances and music presented by a famous presenter coming directly from Philippines. Well Michelle and Paolo surely know how to make it grand and they did it!

Thanks for sharing with me such a wonderful event!

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