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An enchanting wedding in the beating heart of Rome

Gera and Sean got married on a sunny and warm day of the end of August 2014. It was surely one of the most fun and charming wedding I’ve planned in Rome over 2014 and I’m pleased to tell you about the full story here.

Gera is a wonderful friendly Italo-English girl living in USA and her fiancé Sean is an handsome American firefighter.
They decided to tie the knot in Italy because of Gera’s Italian heritage and they came from all over the world with their 200 guests to celebrate!

A Wonderful Jewish Wedding in Rome Synagogue on the Jewish Culture Day in Italy

Thanks to wonderful pictures by AJN – Luca Rajna Progetti Fotografici, today I’m pleased to tell you about another wonderful Jewish wedding in Rome.

Our bride and groom choose the 5th of September for their wedding date: this is the Jewish Culture Day in Italy. No better day could have been chosen for such a wonderful event!
Do you remember about Liora and David’s wedding? We are back to tell you another wonderful story for another stunning Jewish wedding in Rome.